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Ryan Daniel Beck
Ryan Daniel Beck
Ryan Daniel Beck
Ryan Daniel Beck

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Ryan Daniel Beck (he/him) is a visual art teacher working in the medium of dance. Inspired by a varied background and training, ranging from modern, Classical Ballet, Hip-Hop and Acrobatics. 

Ryan has done commercial dance work for ESPN, MTV, Fuse TV, Mini Cooper, Givenchy, Microsoft, ABC, and Onion News Network, and danced commercially for the Mercedes Benz company in Frankfurt, Germany. Recently, he performed in the Danny Ezralow (Across The Universe, 2014 Sochi Oly...read more

Class Descriptions


is a non-spiritual, fully-functional training system, specifically designed to augment and complement your dancing and flexibility training.

Created by a former BDC international student, Robert Steinbacher, the class follows a 5 phase system, that progresses fluidly through energy arrival, expansion, circulation, descent, and relaxation. The bodyART format is a fully integrated mind-body experience, that incorporates elements of control/release technique, modern dance, strength conditioning, physical therapy exercises, and yin yang philosophy.

You will leave this class fully energized and beautifully connected to your body and mind. Participants are kindly asked to bring a yoga mat and towel to the the bodyART experience. 

Students are encouraged to bring towels to place on the mat during class.

bodyART deepWORK

A dynamic simulation of high intensity performance situations.
This class is an ideal tool for the dancer looking to prepare for an upcoming show, tour, concert or audition. Pro dancers must be equally balanced between strength, stamina, and stretch. The deepWORK experience will challenge you in all three areas. Utilizing breath work, intelligent sequencing, joint mobilization, and interval training, deepWORK will safely push you to your max ability.

Students are encouraged to bring towels to place on the mat during class.

BodyArt Flow

An internal approach to bodyART training, using Chinese energy meridian channels to create heat, mobility, and fluidity of movement. The student will leave class with a heightened awareness of their breath and feeling balanced, energized and filled with mental clarity and focus. Perfect for dancers who are injured or in need of gentle rehabilitation.

Students are encouraged to bring towels to place on the mat during class.

Contemporary Jazz

Rooted in the fundamental belief that dance is for EVERY body...this class is designed to challenge the experienced dancer, yet provide an accessible experience for novice dancers. The class pays special attention to proper alignment and listening to your body so that each individual is working at the appropriate level of difficulty. Progressions in technique are always given as an option to dancers who want to work at a high level of execution, yet the class is always inclusive to dancers of all body types and backgrounds. This class also focuses heavily on dance being an outlet for artistic expression, thereby encouraging dancer's to explore their own unique voices and movement solutions.


This class is heavily based on European somatic contemporary techniques (Forsythe, Bausch, Gaga, NDT, Cullberg) The dancer will begin with breathing and sensation exercises, transitioning through space and exploring movement across the floor. The combination is a fusion of tasking, guided organic flow, structured exploration and informed improvisation. Students should arrive available and open-minded, with a strong sense of playful curiosity.


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