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Omari Wiles began his training in various African dance forms at the age of 6 years old. He then joined his father and mother, Marie Basse Wiles and Anthony Olukose Wiles, and by his teens he took on the role as Assistant Director of the family company: The Maimouna Ketia School of African Dance. Working with master African dancers, Omari's understanding of African cultures, rythems, and dance has been his foundation venturing further into his training in dance. more

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An art form of poses and beat to beat synchronization! Coming from the gay, black, Latino, and ballroom communities. This style expresses the feminism and fierce attitude within Voguefem. Strike a pose and learn the 5 elements of Vogue Fem, Catwalks, Duckwalks, Floor work, Spin and dips & Hands performance! Stretch and warm to the hottest vogue beats in ballroom. Dancers will exercise drills and choreography while also learning history of vogue and culture. 

West African

In this class you will learn the proper technique in West African styles from Senegal and Mali (Djembe, Sabar and Kutiro.) A breakdown of steps and techniques . Class will begin with a warm-up, prgress into across-the-floor, and end with a short combo of choreography. Class is taught to soundtracks or live drums.

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