Lizzie LaMorgia

Lizzie LaMorgia

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Lizzie LaMorgia is certified as a Senior Instructor in Lastics, the stretching technique created by Donna Flagg. When teaching Lastics, Lizzie focuses on synchronizing breath with movement in order to maximize release and obtain the deepest healthy stretch. She is thrilled to share the alignment and technique that Lastics provides and hopes that dancers leave her class feeling restored, recharged, and rejuvenated. 

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Lastics Stretch Technique

Lastics Stretch Terchnique is a stretching technique born from the world of dance that was designed to improve flexibility based on the techniques that dancers use to stay lean and limber. Unlike methods that rely on external force to push a stretch, Lastics trains you to articulate your body in ways that elongates your muscles from the inside.

Not only will it change the way you think about and understand your body, you will also increase your flexibility and improve body awareness through a special mind/muscle connection. You'll move, perform and feel better with muscles that are longer, stronger, more supple, and healthy from the inside-out and end-to-end!


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