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Lenore Marks

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Lenore Marks (she/her) is originally from NYC, but grew up living in Germany, Switzerland, England and Spain. Initially a gymnast she discovered her love of dance after a friend suggested she try a jazz class, and she hasn’t looked back since! Lenore is a certified Active Isolated Flexibility teacher and has been teaching this technique for over 10 years. She started her training under Michele Assaf at Broadway Dance Center, and received her certification fro...read more

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Active Isolated FLEXIBILITY

Active Isolated Flexibility (AIF) improves range of motion and addresses habitual tightness, muscular imbalances, and alignment issues.  In this technique - pioneered by Michele Asasf, stretches are held for two seconds and then released, with multiple repetitions of each stretch.  With the aid of a rope, students are able to increase their range of motion while still maintaining their alignment.  AIF also functions as a deep tissue massage technique because it activates muscle fibers during stretching. Oxygen is transported to the muscles and toxins are quickly removed, promoting swift recovery. AIF reprograms your brain and body to remember new ranges of motion, and you will notice fast improvement in your flexibility without soreness and pain.

The class starts with unlocking the hip and torso area, and then progresses through the legs and feet before moving to the upper body. Each exercise is explained in detail, and muscle groups are worked in sequence. Active Isolated Flexibility is appropriate for everyone from professional level dancers to beginners, and non-dancers are very much welcome! Because each student is focusing solely on their own range of motion, this class is also suitable for people working with injuries and other limitations.


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