Dionna Pridgeon

Dionna PridGeon
Dionna Pridgeon
Dionna PridGeon
Dionna Pridgeon
Dionna Pridgeon
Dionna Pridgeon
Dionna PridGeon

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Dionna PridGeon is an independent artist and entrepreneur from Chicago. Dionna is a 15 year Dance Educator, who has resided in 4 cities: Chicago, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, and New York. She's served on faculty at Lou Conte Dance Studio (The Hubbard Street Dance Center), Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio and Visceral Dance Center; On the east coast, she taught classes at Broadway Dance Center and various other prestigious teaching institutions, Princeton University, on the west coas...read more

Class Descriptions


Class begins with a very thorough warmup process; connecting mind/body/spirit. Dionna uses an organic approach to warmup - never starting the class in the same way. “Our bodies feel differently from day to day,” so why not experience warmup...in different ways?

Dionna’s warmup is a break from the classical and traditional forms. However, she focuses on centering, breath, finding length, conditioning, short sequences and moving away from a stationary base. In addition, a more therapeutic form of improv is also incorporated to help dancers explore their own voices.

The class will ALWAYS learn a piece of choreography that holds a more organic, human approach, which allows for subtly and freedom. Her choreography bounces from a Contemporary Modern to Contemporary Jazz, to a Contemporary Hip-Hop vibe.


Class begins with a classic form of stretching, isolations, and conditioning. Dionna's style is very clean, groovy and at times, very detailed; It varies from performance to precision! Music is the impetus for her street choreography. Dionna believes that: “Musicality is everything!”


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