Eureka Nakano

Eureka Nakano
Eureka Nakano
Eureka Nakano
Eureka Nakano

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Eureka Nakano is the director of TAIKIO Body Cell Rejuvenation Method. Having her residence in Kyoto, Japan she travels all over the world sharing the teachings of TAIKIO globally. Originally starting out as a ballet dancer she trained at the Rock School for Dance Education and has performed with multiple ballet companies in the United States such as Pennsylvania Ballet. After returning to her home country in Japan, she was invited to become a faculty member of nationally renown MRB (Matsuda more

Class Descriptions

TAIKIO Body Cell Rejuvenation

TAIKIO Body Cell Rejuvenation (literally ‘Body Vibrations’) is a practice of movements that vibrates, ripples and loosens the trillions of cells in our body. 

TAIKIO class will start off with a special breathing technique and continue on to more fluid movements that trains to loosen and stimulate the body circulation from its true center. It helps take away body waste, strain and stagnation which become sources of stress, immobility, injury and illness.

TAIKIO allows for overall improvement in performance and balance of body, mind and emotion.

Participants have expressed benefits from just their first class such as feeling and looking fresh and rejuvenated. Increased energy, motivation, flexibility, lightness and strength without force. Decreased stress, tension, swelling or pain.

Taikio was created in Japan by Senjutsushi Keikai.


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